I am Ashley! I’m a family photographer from Kansas!

I operate my photography business on our family ranch in the Southern Kansas Flint Hills. I specialize in serving families who love outdoor adventure and want to always remember the simple everyday moments that make their heart skip a beat! In addition to photographing my clients, I have the wonderful privilege of mentoring and teaching amazing photographers from around the world both online and in-person at workshops across the United States! In my free time, I love spending my time exploring the great outdoors with my husband and our three sweet babies!

Camera Settings For Golden Hour Course Info

This course is an in-depth look at your camera settings for golden hour sessions! We will be going over what camera settings I use for my sessions and the WHY behind them! I will explain the basics as well as the more complex settings so you can have full control and creative freedom over your photos! Having a strong SOOC image is an essential element to master for easy editing! Learn how I achieve a good base for my bold rich and creamy edits! You need to learn WHY we are styling. 

Course topics:

  • Exposure Triangle
  • What focal lengths I use and why
  • Kelvin vs AWB- & how to decide what’s best for your sessions!
  • AF Methods
  • Metering Modes
  • Drive Modes- continuous or single
  • Presets you can change in camera
  • Why your SD card matters
  • Histogram
  • Shooting live view
  • Light meter
  • Proper exposure
  • Application of my settings at a session

This course is best for canon users. However, I did include terminology of other camera bodies so you should be able to follow along!

Camera Settings for Golden Hour Settings and Shooting in Kelvin

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